Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Online casino gaming is fun, but sometimes you can get too much and lose control. That is why responsible gaming is so important. By using some tools you can prevent developing gambling problems.

Gambling Limits

Using gambling limits is the practical aspect of responsible gaming. These are limits provided by online casinos to limit or prevent gambling issues. We recommend to use gambling limits, even if you do not have any issues, just to be on the safe side.

Deposit Limit

A deposit limit is a tool making it easy to follow a budget for online gambling. Once the predefined limit is met, it is not possible to make more deposits for the period.

Wager Limit

The wager limit is an effective tool limiting how much money you are able to bet within a given period. The wager limit is effective for controlling how much you spend for a period on the online casino.

Loss Limit

Win some, lose some. Losses are not avoidable, unfortunately, but with the loss limit you can easily avoid those big losses that can give you problems.

Time Limit

Times goes fast when we are having fun, and no doubt, playing slots is fun. Is you want to make sure you do not spend too much time on the casino, a time limit is highly recommended.


Sometimes we are short on cash, or feeling a bit down. When we do, we take a break. Closing the account for a period, until you have enough money to play for is a good decision.

Need Help?

There are a lot of organizations that have specialized in gambling issues. If you, or anyone you know have developed gambling issues, these will provide you with expertise and the needed help.