Pay’n Play Betting

Pay'n Play Betting

Trustlys Pay’n Pay solution for online gaming has been the big hit this year at the online casinos. Now we are finally seeing that the betting sites are following up. Pay’n Play betting will give you some great advantages and a better gaming experience.

Pay’n Play by Trustly

Pay’n Play by Trustly is easy, and pretty much genius. Today this payment solution is available for players located in Sweden, Finland, and Germany. Our guess is that this is soon to change. Online betting has been associated with a few things that are a lot of work like the KYC or verification process then withdrawing your winnings. By using your AccountID when making your deposit, you have already verified your identity. So any further verification is unnecessary.

When visiting a Pay’n Play Casino or a Pay and Play Betting Site, you get two options, either make a deposit or get balance. If it is the first time you are visiting the site, you should choose to make a deposit. You do not need to make an account, because when you make your deposit, and an electronic account will be automatically created.

This is the awesome part. As mentioned, you verify your identity using your AccountID, and the electronic account will keep your balance if you should get disconnected from your internet or simply just want to take a break. After you have gotten your internet connection back or had your cup of coffee, you can simply choose to get balance, and you will be back where you left.

Pay’n Play Casino

Over the past few months, numerous casinos have launched their own Pay and Play Casinos. There is no doubt why. We players just can’t get enough of this solution. It is giving you and me as players great benefits as fast withdrawals of winnings, less work as we do not need any additional verification process, and the winnings are tax-free.

Pay’n Play Betting

The betting sites seem to be lagging a bit when it comes to adapting the new payment method for online gaming. Still, we have a few sites like Mr Green Sportsbook and ComeOn! Betting. We think quite a few sites are going to follow their examples, as it seems like the Pay and Play Betting payment solution is the new benchmark.

Fast Withdrawals & Tax-Free Winnings

We have already mentioned that there is no need for a verification process when using Trystly Pay’n Play, as you verify your identity using your AccountID. This is giving you a great benefit. Because this makes it possible for the betting site to process your withdrawal immediately. Normally you will have your winnings on your bank account within 5 – 15 minutes after you requested the withdrawal. No delays! Also, as the betting sites using this payment method has the MGA license, the winnings are tax-free.